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New Recruit Shako

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1New Recruit Shako Empty New Recruit Shako on Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:57 am


1_ Are you a male or a female?
2_ How old are you?
3_ Where are you from/Where are you now?
Sanjose, Cali/Miami, Florida
4_ What you do for a living/school?
Junior B Hockey Goaltender/Sophmore in Highschool
5_ Hobbies?
Hockey, Music, Weed, Girls, Graffiti
6_ Played CAL?
7_ How often do you play
After school, and during the weekend
8_ Favorite map?
I play everything, Mostly .. office, assault, dust, crackhouse
9_ Favorite weapon?
I am fairly consistent with any, and every weapons, but usually stick with AK/M4
10_ Steam name (for adding friends)
11_ Do you have a kick azz rig or a POS one?
I have a pretty standard home PC thats 2 years old, but beefed up with upgraded RAM, Vid Card, and some Bios Mod.

Accepted by Wicked

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