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1RULES FOR ADMINS! Empty RULES FOR ADMINS! Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:02 pm


1-Admins do not ban hackers unless contacting one of the leaders. If the leaders are not on at that time take a screen shot of the hackers steam id and it will be addressed when an available leader is on.

2-No shit talking allowed in the server toward other members/clans/guests in our server. Same goes toward people talking about Kult/or disrespecting our clan in general.

3-Respect all members in the clan regardless on your personal opinions toward certain people.

4-Racial slurs are not allowed. Warnings will be given to members or players using them, and a 30 min ban will be issued to anyone continuing to use these words after a fare amout of verbal and written warnings.

5-Map changes can occur at these certain times. The server has been on a set map ex."dust2" for over a 1hr period of time, and the map can only be changed if there are more then 20 people actually playing in the server, specs and afks don't count. The only map outside of the cal rotation maps that is exceptable to change to is Office.

6. Best maps to play if changed are, Inferno, Mill , Nuke , Contra , Strike , if at any point in time the server drops below 10 people on any map besides dust2 the head admin at the time is in charge of changing the map back to dust2 to revive the server, and bringing in new people.

7. Do not miss use or abuse your privilege to use the sound options in the server. This annoys members when you spam sounds and deverts possilbe new members from joining or using our server as one of there favorites to play in.

8. The main goal of the admin's is to basically stay low key, make sure everyone is enjoying there gaming experience in the server. Keep shit talkers and hackers away from ruining peoples gaming experience and putting up map votes only at the appropriate times as specified in the section 5.

9. If one of the leaders is on during the same time you are, "wicked/250/pato/evil-cheesy" they are the only people that need to be worrying about map changes/ hackers / shit talkers/ so forth. The only thing you need to be doing is setting an example for your team mates and leading your team to victory and preventing T sided camping in spawn and in general.

10. As for dust2, the 2 minute marker is the last point at which terrorist are allowed to be in spawn. The only exception is if they are going to get the bomb from someone that is afk, or they are outside of b tunnels. Anyone else should be warned and then kicked if they do not comply.

11. If we can apply these simple rules into our pub server we will enjoy playing at our server, and our Kult community will continue to grow, and we can expand into getting a Gun Game server and maybe another scrim server for everyone to enjoy.

12. If people are looking to join the clan they need to post and register on our forums. Either Pato or myself "250" will get back to there post and we will take it from there. We are no longer allowing people to just join free handed.

13. Just because you have admin does not mean you are God. The people who have admin for free need to realize this is a privilege, and if you do not follow these new rules you will lose your admin abilities.

14. We will be giving out rcon passwords to a couple of new players, regarding the scrim server so that more people besides just the cal team will be allowed to scrim on a more regular basis, since this is one of the favorite things to do for alot of people. Our goal here is to give more people the opportunity to bring there gaming experience to the next level of competition. The players receiving rcon passwords will be announced later this week and will become the clans new scrim team leaders, and will be in charge of gathering people for scrims. Remember scrims are invite only, and scrims will be evenly displaced during the day between everyone not just 5 people.

If anyone has anything to add, let me know. I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible so that everyone can enjoy themselves in the server and have fun.

Thank you guys for reading this

Cr 250

2RULES FOR ADMINS! Empty additions Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:02 pm


I would like to know about other forms of harassment

we should not allow all forms of profanity

i dont take kindly to racial/sexual/or orientation profanity

so im gonna police it until someone tells me otherwise

3RULES FOR ADMINS! Empty Re: RULES FOR ADMINS! Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:25 pm


We are working on it right now. Just gonna be a matter of time before we start enforcing more rules and tightening up our server

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