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wanna join Kult

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1wanna join Kult Empty wanna join Kult Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:11 am



1_ Are you a male or a female?
i am a guy male dooooode

2_ How old are you?
im 20 on 4/20. Smile

3_ Where are you from/Where are you now?
i am in Fresno, CA (The No)

4_ What you do for a living/school?
i run a stupid die cutte by myself full time, and go to fresno city full time.
i know, exciting huh?

5_ Hobbies?
i ride dirtbikes, go to the shooting range, stereo systems in cars/trucks.

6_ Played CAL?
yup, on 1.6 like a years ago. fun times.

7_ How often do you play
im starting to play every evening till i sleep.

8_ Favorite map?
de_aztec, cs_office 1.6, zm_lila_panic. and gun games Wink

9_ Favorite weapon?
M4, scout, AK

10_ Steam name (for adding friends)

11_ Do you have a kick azz rig or a POS one?
POS!!!! cheap acer with a g-force 7300 i think. 1gb ram. amd processor.

again, POS besides the 250 gigs that are almost all used up


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